Sunday, November 26, 2017

The local drama crew strikes again

This is all coming from a guy who claims to help bands and begs for likes on his All Music/All Bands (All 80's/All the time) FB page. If you are in a band Do Not like that page and unlike it if you have liked it. Do not feed the troll.

"These two wanna be bands, (local band) and (local band) are the SHITTIEST bands around this town!!! The Singer wears a 10 year old wig you used for Halloween!! Love that $10.00 British Flag tapestry. ALL the BEST tribute bands invest money into the show, instead of blowing it on booze and drugs. Don't rip off the audience, they deserve better than that!! (local band) if I wanted to listen to the music from 97 Rock, I would rather stay home and hear quality!! Come for me, I welcome it!! THIS has nothing to do about the original bands, THIS is personal!! Some people have alot of nerve judging when they need to look in their own backyard and keep out of my personal business!! I can't leave out the KING idiot Joe Tell and his SHITTY group Forever Green. Do we really need another Acoustic duo? I DON'T think so!!! NOONE likes or respects someone who changes their style because you CAN'T make it in the Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal scene! Crawl back into the hole where you came from!!! What are you going to do send your wife to fight your battles because you can't!!! Boycott ALL these bands because they don't care about the people who are fooled into wasting their time and money!!!! Please quit and save our ears from hearing that garbage and unoriginal shit you call music!!!"